Velma Von Bon Bon

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Velma Von Bon Bon bursts onto stage with her confidence, fresh and unique ideas and most spectacular costumes. She is surely a rising star!

Starting out on the stage of The Martini Lounge, a place where she had seen shows before, where she had helped out and spoken to the performers, Velma is now a fully fledged Burlesque Artist.

Since her memorable debut, she has been travelling all over England, with shows such as The Slippery Belle, and The Wet Spot, she has set tongues wagging all over the country!

Velma Von Bon Bon Fandango Martini Lounge Jun2012 300x199 Burlesque Variety Show UK

Velma Von Bon Bon performing “Wanted” at The Martini Lounge in June 2012. Photo by InaGlo.
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wanted by the bear martini 150x150 Burlesque Variety Show UK

Velma Von Bon Bon and Fandango “Wanted” by The Bear
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“I’ve known Velma since I had only been performing for about a year or two myself, she worked in a local corset shop, and was always immaculately dressed. She told me tales of being onstage, as an actor, we talked of Burlesque, corsets and 40′s vintage clothing. It came as no surprise to me when she told me a few years later, that she was planning to get into Burlesque herself. After providing tips and lessons, she is now onstage at our shows.”

“She has embodied true burlesque, with her cheeky routines, sharp humour and ideas. She caused gasps of amazement during her debut,” says Millie Dollar.

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Velma’s Q & A

Velma Von Bon Bon Monkey Martini Lounge Oct2010 200x300 Burlesque Variety Show UK

Velma Von Bon Bon performing “Monkey Business” at The Martini Lounge in October 2010. Photo by InaGlo.
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You and your afternoon tea?

“French fancies and a good Victoria sponge never fail to delight me. Pastel coloured chintz a must have accessory also. Tea and cakes with a good lady friend is one of my favourite things. As for guilty pleasures. . . French food is my absolute favourite, the richer the better!”

The art of the striptease?

“Burlesque for me is a way to express myself and do the thing that brings me the most joy, making people laugh. I’ve only been going since December 2009 but I have met a lot of lovely people along the way, which is another reason why I wanted to get into it. It’s great to meet like minded people and have friends in exotic places (like Manchester and Huddersfield).”

The sizzle in burlesque?

“What makes burlesque exciting for me is the endless possibilities. It is such a niche performance art that there is still so much to be done. The costumes can be as unusual or as glamorous as you can imagine and the ideas as creative as your imagination permits.

I’m especially excited that many performers seem to be learning new skills to enhance the theatricality of their performances. I love watching others perform as much as I love doing it myself, I get very excited to hear about new acts.”

Strawberries or Lemons? Pink or Red?

“Strawberries for definite. Preferably floating in a glass of pink champagne. Red lipstick every time, every day, forever.”

Velma Von Bon Bon Garden Martini Lounge InaGlo Apr2011 200x300 Burlesque Variety Show UK

Velma Von Bon Bon performing her Flower Show routine “Bees” at The Martini Lounge in June 2012. Photo by InaGlo.
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Musicals or Film Noir?

“I grew up watching a whole lotta 80s films, which I think had a great effect on my sense of humour. I still think the 80ies produced some of the funniest films ever made. I want to fuse my love of pop culture with comedy, theatre and beautiful costumes to give the audience something to remember and something that reflects my personality.”


“The Martini Lounge was the first burlesque show I ever saw so that is definitely my first inspiration. I went to nearly every one for a year before I started out myself, and the support of Millie is what launched me into it. The standard of performers at the Martini Lounge is so high I was constantly inspired to give it a go myself.

I was greatly inspired by Anna Fur Laxis as her cheeky retro style is something I really aspire to. My inspiration for routines is absolutely anything and everything that passes me by, the problem is choosing what will make a good routine and is worth putting hours of time and effort in.”

What are you best known for?

“As I’m so new it’s hard to say what people know me for as most don’t know me at all! But hopefully they will get to know my Scooby Doo routine as it is definitely my favourite to perform and I was delighted to debut it at the Martini Lounge in December 2009.

My new naughty bee costume is pretty fantastic if I may say so myself, coming to a stage near you! As for highlights, the audience always makes a performance for me, the louder the better!”

Velm xx