Slinky Sparkles

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The British burlesque bombshell, renowned for her Monroe-esque curves and coquettish cheesecake-charm. Slinky Sparkles is a glittering ecdysiast, first-class performance artiste and pin-up model, transforming from demure English Rose to seductive Silver Screen Siren in the flash of a nylon’ed gam.

Slinky Sparkles Martini Lounge Feb2011 300x200 Burlesque Variety Show UK

Slinky Sparkles performing as “Marilyn Monroe” at The Martini Lounge in February 2011. Photo by InaGlo.
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Slinky Sparkles is a versatile and elegant performance artiste. Appearing throughout the UK and international burlesque scene, Miss Sparkles regularly seduces audiences at events in London and beyond!

Slinky’s Q & A

You and your afternoon tea?

“I ADORE my tea! At home I only drink chamomile, honey and vanilla tea. I buy all the boxes of tea off the shelf whenever I go to any supermarket. I think I have a problem…!”

The art of the striptease?

“Striptease is a very broad term and I don’t think it’s fair to be snobbish about it’s different forms. Through striptease you can reveal your body in which ever way you choose. In burlesque striptease in particular, this can be highly artistic and creative, through exquisite costuming, gracefully movement, skilled storytelling and comic timing. The art of striptease is in it’s execution. .”

Slinky Sparkles Shoot 200x300 Burlesque Variety Show UK

Slinky Sparkles Fan Dance.
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The sizzle in burlesque?

“The sizzle in burlesque is what makes it exciting, fun and unique! It’s the connection between the audience and the performer which breaks down the fourth wall and brings them into the act with you.”

Strawberries or Lemons? Pink or Red?

“Strawberries! Lemons are nasty, keep them away from my gin please! Pink (Cherries in the Snow to be precise) there are enough girls out there rocking Russian Red better than I can!”

Musicals or Film Noir?

“Burlesque is a cathartic way to deal with my obsession with musicals. I love living in London and going to see all the West End musicals. Just walking into a theatre gives me goosebumps!”

What are you best known for?

“Graceful, elegant striptease and beautiful costumes!”