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Millie Dollar Martini Lounge Jun2012 Swirl 199x300 Burlesque Variety Show UK

Millie Dollar performing at the Martini Lounge in Jun2012. Photo by InaGlo.
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“A sultry attitude from the stunning Millie Dollar, who brings burlesque into the 21st century. Sporting a tiny diamante thong, some big ole’ eyelashes and not a lot else, she scores favourite with my companion, and gives the crowd a bit more of an overtly sexual performance. She almost growls with confidence as she struts around the stage with her feather plumage and pout.” Time for Tease, London

More about Millie

Millie Dollar has been performing since 2006 and has specialised in classic style Burlesque with tributes to Sally Rand, recently turning her hand to the raunchier side of Las Vegas style Bump and Grind. With a mix of rock and roll, sleaze and a wink and smile she will entertain and tease to your’s and her heart’s content!

Working her way up from the Boards at Korova’s Strip club, where she was a resident performer, her unique ideas and ever more luxurious costume making has left each routine bigger and more ambitious than the last! Spending her former years performing all over England and Ireland, she decided to go international. Since then she’s been a regular guest in Paris, San Tropz, Milan and Los Angeles.

Millie has devoted her life to professional Burlesque, from performing and modeling to making costumes, powder puff props and feather fans for herself and other performers.

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Millie’s Q & A

You and your afternoon tea?

“I drink far too much tea, but have had to lay off the cakes for a while. I was baking and eating a whole banana cake a day not too long ago, but I should take care more of what I eat!”

The art of the striptease?

“I grew up watching musicals of the 40′s and 50′s, I was drawn to the glamour of the gowns, the musical numbers, the odd hair and make up. I aspired to dance like Cyd Charisse, talk like Marylin and be as confident as Betty Grable.

For me this is something similar in style, I can be sultry onstage and silent off, I show myself through a different form in sneak peeks onstage, rather than the usual cocky confidence that irritates me about others.”

The sizzle in burlesque?

“Titillation! We can feel sexy, be overtly confident, strutting around winking at people and it’s entertainment! You can do a lot onstage that you would never do off.”

Strawberries or Lemons? Pink or Red?

“Strawberries, preferably with chocolate or in a victoria sponge! Red lipstick, with red lip glitter, and lipcote… that’s my make up tip!”

Musicals or Film Noir?

“Musicals definitely! Light hearted happy endings and only slight dramas, why can’t life be like this?”


“Lili St Cyr, Catherine D’Lish, Dirty Martini and Kitten Deville in burlesque, plenty of inspiration for anyone. But elsewhere I’ve been influenced in music by Irma Thomas, the films I watched, and my mother who worked my family through a lot of hard times.”

What are you best known for?

“It used to be my powder room routine and classic fan dances, but these things – although precious to myself – popped up a lot elsewhere. After traveling to LA and seeing all the different styles there I gained some inspiration to new acts, and finally found my niche. I’d say I am probably most known for Blue Martini, and my bump and grind routines.”

What is a ‘Blue Martini’?

“A Blue Martini is a mixer of Vodka, Blue Curacao and Crème De Cacao – served as cold as possible! But it is also the title of one of my acts. In fact, it has become my signature routine and is my favourite to perform, because it means so much to me.

When first developing it I felt it turning my performance style around. It also clicked into place at the right time in my life. I’m not afraid to admit that I made this routine whilst going through a rather rough time. I was struggling financially and had to choose between buying the materials for the costume or dinner.

The routine is supported by a fantastic soundtrack of the Liverpool band Doktor Combover, who I asked if I could use it after seeing a great concert of theirs. They have also given me a lot of support and shows when I was starting out.”

Do you still make your own costumes?

“Absolutely. I am very proud of my hand made costumes and learnt a lot through trial and error. Once I have an image in my head of how it should look, it’s easier to make it a reality with my own two hands.

I do however have my corsets made to measure, as once you have one that has been fitted perfectly, it’s very hard to go back to ‘off-the-rack’. I talk over my ideas with my corset maker and she get’s exactly what I have in mind, I’ve been very lucky to find her! (Desert Orchid Corsets – in case you’d like to know)”

Have you found that the social networks you use have helped you further build the fan base of Millie Dollar and the Martini Lounge?

“I think that burlesque these days does centre a lot around social networking and the internet, it is after all a very immediate way of getting in touch with people without interrupting them! Phone calls always happen at the wrong time don’t they? While you’re eating or in the shower…!

It has helped many to launch internationally; I don’t think I would have been able to perform in all the cities and countries I have done without having an online presence. The Martini Lounge and my Facebook have subscribers from all over the world. We’ve all moved on a long way from cut-and-paste fliers, photocopied in the local newsagent!”