Fred Bear

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The Martini Lounge is hosted by the one and only Fred Bear. A rubenesque cherub, who was proclaimed ‘The Sexiest Man Alive’ by Christopher Biggins and could so easily be mistaken for cupid!

His unique tounge in cheek humour and regular musical renditions of “Cabearet” wow the audiences each time. Millie Dollar says: “Fred really makes the show, with his cheeky comedy, musical singalongs, and strangely cute costumes. I’m almost Fred’s Goldilocks!”

Fred Bear Crowd Martini Lounge Apr2012 300x199 Burlesque Variety Show UK

Firm regular compère Fred Bear as “Care Bear” with Artists and Audience at The Martini Lounge in April 2012.
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In his role as compère Fred keeps his Vixens on stage in check and grabs the audiences by the … Hostages taken! Fred Bear’s popularity knows no bounds, with his features in Bizzare Magazine and rave Time Out London reviews, he is now a firm staple on the cabearet scene.

Fred Santa Bear Martini Lounge Dec2010 300x200 Burlesque Variety Show UK

Compère Fred Bear as “Santa Bear” at The Martini Lounge in December 2010.
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